On June 10, 2017,  I had the most amazing homebirth that I could ever imagine, and I believe it is due to having the best support team ever: my husband, my midwife Jamie and her team. In the beginning of my surprise pregnancy I wanted to have a homebirth, but I was unsure if I could afford it because my insurance did not cover homebirths. So I reluctantly decided for an OB-GYN ( they are great, but for my 4th and last pregnancy I wanted something different), but mid-way through my pregnancy I called around and found Jamie. She took me in regardless of my insurance, and we just knew everything was going to workout and it did; my VA insurance (I am a Veteran) covered for my homebirth (awesome)!!!

With my homebirth covered, I was feeling ready, anxious, and excited to have my baby at home, and then at 36 weeks my little one decided to become a breech baby (oh no). I was freaking out, but my midwife Jamie reassured me and by 39 weeks she was completely head down.

When her original due date June 4th, 2017 passed, I was very impatient and just ready to have her.

Thank goodness to the full moon on June 10th, I woke up at 4:15 am knowing that I was in labor (yay). I had been feeling Braxton Hicks all month long but I knew that this was the real deal.

I woke up my husband, and then I called Jamie at 4:30 am. She told me to unlock the door because she was on her way; she arrived at 5 am on the dot.

My husband continued to set everything up for me to give birth, and I went downstairs to start making oatmeal because I was getting hungry. I remember boiling the milk and walking to the couch to rock my hips in a circle to comfort me during contractions and then I would get up and add the oatmeal. I continued going back and forth to the couch and to the stove adding new ingredients and stirring the oatmeal while in labor. During that time my husband and Jamie would check on me to make sure I was ok (thank you guys), and can you believe I only took one bite of that oatmeal, and I did not want it one bit. I do think making oatmeal helped me focus on something else rather than focus on my contractions. We all went upstairs and Jamie suggested for me to get in the tub because my baby was on her way, and I knew it because I could feel my body slowly pushing her down into my pelvis.

I sat in the warm water awaiting for her arrival, and my two daughters ages 9 and 3 at the time, came in my room and sat on our bed to watch me give birth (that was unplanned).  I was worried that giving birth in front of  my daughters would be too much for them to handle, especially for my 3 year old but it was great! Just a side note, my girls were so interested in the afterbirth (placenta) and Jamie answered every single question (thank you Jamie).

Back to my story, my husband got in the tub with me, and Jamie suggested that I get on my knees; as soon as I did, my body automatically started pushing, and as I held onto Stefani Saldana’s hand, my baby came out.

My husband amazingly caught our baby, passed her to Jamie, and Jamie passed her to me. She was absolutely beautiful, and she hardly cried while being cradled in my arms. She was born at 7:11 am and weighed 5lbs 14 oz and was 18 inches long. We named her Aryss (means the best), my smallest baby, my fourth, and my last. Thank you Jamie for just being there and not taking over my space, but being there when I needed you the most like reminding me that I can do it and breathe. Also thank you to Stefani Saldana, who held my hand, I will forever remember your face.  


Baby Aryss, Joy's baby, born in water at home

Baby Aryss, Joy's baby, born in water at home

Jamie, Thank you for making our dream birth come true!"

-Deonna & D

"Jamie was willing to work with our family towards our dream.

Many other midwives would have dropped me when they heard our desires, but she did not. She worked to help us make wise decisions for our family.                                                                                                                          

During the birth she supported us carefully without stepping on our boundaries. EVERYTHING about the birth was picture perfect. She gave me sips of water during labor when I needed them.

She encouraged Jon as he supported me.                                                                                                    

Her quiet suggestions for position changes made a huge difference in baby's descent,:)              

Simply grateful for people like Jamie, who support intervention-free birth                                                                        

 who trust the woman's God given ability to give birth                                                                                                              

who understand variations from normal are not necessarily bad                                                                                            

who believe birth is a family event.                                                                                                                                          

'Lo, Children are a heritage from the Lord, and the fruit of womb is his reward. Psalm 127.'"                                                  

-Sarah, Jon, Joseph & Leah


"Jamie attended our very first homebirth and it was everything we wanted it to be. My husband caught our baby with Jamie's calm support. Jamie is amazing, loving and supportive. Jamie is very knowledgeable and we could not recommend her enough! We love Jamie!"                                                                                                                              

-Shanna T


"Jamie carries a strength that is awe-inspiring. That strength gave me the confidence I needed throughout my daughters' pregnancy and birth. I still feel it today- giving me energy and power. I thank her for sharing her strength, wisdom and calming presence, she is forever in our hearts." 


"We first met Jamie at a Birth Network fair. We went to the fair because we were planning to get pregnant but we had not shared the news with anyone yet. We met briefly, then she disappeared into the crowd. In my heart, I wanted a home birth, but in my mind I was worried something could go wrong. A month later my husband and I conceived. We invited Jamie to come and speak with us. I was very worried about my pregnancy, because of the bleeding, and our OB-GYN did not show much empathy.                                                                                                                      

Jamie's sincerity was a relief, and after our meeting I was convinced that midwifery care was the right path for our pregnancy and birth. Throughout the pregnancy, Jamie was very easy to contact, and I became more comfortable reaching out to her with my concerns. I enjoyed meeting other women under Jamie's care, during the group prenatal appointments. Our one-on-one appointments were convenient and personal and I always felt like I had enough time to ask my questions and Jamie always made me feel at ease.                                                                         

The labor and birth of my baby was an experience I will never forget. The outcome would have been much different if it weren't for Jamie! I don't think anything could have prepared me for the hard work and endurance it takes to labor and birth a baby. I told myself I was going to have an epidural. If it weren't for Jamie's encouragement and persistence I am certain  I would have had unnecessary interventions rather than the natural birth I was determined to have. Jamie's compassion did not end at the birth. Her support postpartum has been tremendous. My mother joked that any OB-GYN would have cut me off long but she graciously responded to my frantic text messages and phone calls. There's nothing I can say that will express my gratitude."


"It was the birth I had always dreamed of."                                                                                                  




   "Jamie was there every step of the way!"                                                                                                       




"I am so happy she said "yes" to me. She was such an incredible midwife...trusting the process and the sweet unfoldment. I will never forget that day. What a powerful, amazing journey."